The Advantages of Embroidery in Modern Clothing

September 19,2022

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Colorful African Costumes

September 02,2022

During the festival, every family threw a banquet to entertain guests. Muslims will wear costumes to participate in celebrations in mosques.


The Special Significance of Parent-Child Clothing

August 18,2022

Parent-child clothing, as a branch of clothing, consists of adult clothing and children's clothing. The main difference is the size.


How to Wash Embroidered Thobe

July 20,2022

Like the embroidery on ordinary cotton, denim or linen thobe, there will be cardboard behind. The embroidery produced by this type of machine, if it is machine washed for the first time, the thobe and the barrel will be covered with scraps of paper. Hand wash is a better choice.


The Benefits of Wearing Parent-Child Clothes

July 06,2022

In recent years, the concept of parent-child clothing has quietly entered the minds of many young parents today. The more developed the economy, the busier people will be, the more fragile family relationships will be, and the more intense the desire to make up for family relationships will be. Parent-child clothing can not only express the deep affection of "we are a close family", but also parents can live a "child" addiction and relive the long-lost innocence. The popularity of parent-child clothing also reflects a new consumption trend in the current environment.


Is It Suitable to Wear Cotton Clothes In Summer?

June 22,2022

Hot summer days, the hot sun when the head, really like under fire, baking the skin, in the summer a variety of single product not only a wide range of styles, the choice of fabrics more, want to wear cool, the style is of course very important, but not as important as choosing the right fabric. Cotton clothes are a good choice.


Traditional Arab Men's Clothing

June 09,2022

Traditional Arab men's robes are usually loose and ankle long. Most of the robes are white, but there are other light colors, but no dark colors. Local distinguished men, or when participating in formal activities, should wear a long shawl of white headscarf with a hoop on their head. Arab men wear only slippers and no socks when wearing traditional robes, which may have a lot to do with the hot climate. Even in some very formal occasions, under the gorgeous robe, the feet only wear leather slippers.


Why Do Africans Like to Wear Robes

May 25,2022

African costumes have always been quite distinctive. Most of these costume designs are colorful, with contrasting patterns and colors, and generally have a strong sense of design and symmetrical habits. Most of the clothing styles are long and wide, relatively wide, and the collar part is mainly collarless or short collar.


How to "See Clothes and Know People"? The First Necessary Skill to Understand Arabs

May 11,2022

Clothing has special significance in Arab countries. It not only has obvious regional differences, but also directly reflects the social class and even values of the wearer. In contrast, the fashion significance of clothes is relatively backward.


Features of African Clothes

April 20,2022

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