Features of African Clothes

April 20,2022

Africa is the continent with the longest history of human civilization. Since Darwin put forward the idea that human beings originated in Africa in 1871 in "The Origin of Humanity", the world archaeological community has provided a lot of material evidence, indicating that Africa, especially East Africa and South Africa, may be the origin of human beings. The earliest birthplace.


There are 5 stages in the evolution from ancient apes to modern humans: the fossils of the ancient apes, australopithecines, Homo erectus (ape-man), early Homo sapiens and late Homo sapiens have been found in Africa, and their evolution process is more than other Africa is more continuous, and the time of each stage is earlier, which shows that Africa is likely to be the birthplace of human beings.


African Clothes


The oldest black kingdom in the world is the Kush Kingdom founded by the Nubians in the middle reaches of the Nile River. It was established in the tenth century BC. It was also called the Kingdom of Meroe because the capital was later moved to Meroe. In the 8th century BC, King Kashta of Kush conquered Thebes, the capital of Upper Egypt, and his son Pianki (reigned 751-716 BC) then occupied Memphis and became the king of Kush and Upper Egypt.


About 730 BC, Pianki's younger brother Shabako established Egypt's twenty-fifth dynasty, also known as the Nubian dynasty. About 656 BC, the Nubians were forced to withdraw from Egypt due to the Assyrian invasion. In 350 AD, the Kingdom of Kush was destroyed by the Aksum Empire. The Kingdom of Kush is culturally influenced by ancient Egypt, but still maintains many of its own characteristics.


African clothing features:


  1. African clothing has always been quite distinctive. Most of these clothing designs are colorful, with strong contrast between patterns and colors, and generally have a strong sense of design and a habit of symmetry. Most of the clothing styles are long and wide, relatively wide, and the collar part is mainly collarless or short.


  1. African women's clothing is much more complicated. "Everyone has a love for beauty", and African women are no exception.


  1. African women don't wear trousers, usually only African-style dresses, and poor people are just a piece of wrapping cloth. This kind of dress usually has bare shoulders, and the color of the fabric is mainly bright red, emerald green, indigo and cyan, while middle-aged and elderly women are mostly white and black.


  1. African women like dresses with bright colors, rough patterns and unrestrained lines, which are both elegant and eye-catching. In some places the wrap is from the chest, waist to the toes.

In conclusion

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