How to Wash Embroidered Thobe

July 20,2022

Like the embroidery on ordinary cotton, denim or linen thobe, there will be cardboard behind. The embroidery produced by this type of machine, if it is machine washed for the first time, the thobe and the barrel will be covered with scraps of paper. Hand wash is a better choice.


Embroidered Thobe


Soak for a few minutes before washing, and gently remove the cardboard on the back with your hands or a small soft brush. thobe with a small amount of embroidery that are not easily deformed can be thrown into the washing machine. If you want to machine wash, choose light gear (the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees), but large areas of embroidery or even all embroidered thobe should be hand washed even if there is no cardboard.


When washing by hand, do not rub the embroidered part vigorously or twist it. The sweat stains on the collar and cuffs can be wiped off the collar, or washed off with a soft brush dipped in laundry detergent, and rinsed with clean water.

For thobe that don't wrinkle, smooth them out to dry. If the thobe are easy to wrinkle and the embroidery loses its original smoothness, you can use a warm iron to slowly iron the whole thobe back to their original shape when the thobe are six or seven minutes dry.


The more high-end embroidered clothing, the higher the requirements for detergents, so pay attention to the pH value of the laundry detergent when purchasing, the closer to 7 the better. It is advisable to use cold water during the washing process, do not soak for a long time, avoid scalding with hot water, and avoid exposure to the sun.