Is It Suitable to Wear Cotton Clothes In Summer?

June 22,2022

Hot summer days, the hot sun when the head, really like under fire, baking the skin, in the summer a variety of single product not only a wide range of styles, the choice of fabrics more, want to wear cool, the style is of course very important, but not as important as choosing the right fabric. Cotton clothes are a good choice.


cotton clothes


Is it suitable to wear cotton clothes in summer?


Of course, we all know for sure that the same fabric, the lighter the more cool, in the sun, lighter than dark colors are less heat absorption, so it is also cooler, and different fabrics, we know that, in general, silk is cooler than cotton, but cotton is also divided into different grades, high-count sea island cotton, Egyptian cotton, even cooler than silk, of course, the price is not expensive, so our analysis today ignore the thickness and The impact of color, only according to the characteristics of each fabric itself to compare.


Cotton is definitely the most common and often worn fabric, whether it is summer T, shirt or jeans, etc., inexpensive, comfortable, breathable and durable, is the first choice of many women in summer casual wear, we commonly use short-staple cotton single products, the price is cheap, but cotton is divided into different grades, like some luxury cotton fabrics, there are sea island cotton, Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton and other long-staple cotton, can be spun very thin High count fabrics, gloss and breathability, comfort are not losing silk, but the price are very high.


Common cotton, moisture absorption, moisturizing good, washable and wearable, high temperature resistance, so it can be a variety of dyeing and processing, so the cotton single product is very selective, only moisturizing good, so that cotton single product once wet by sweat will be close to the body, so that the comfort is reduced.