The Advantages of Embroidery in Modern Clothing

September 19,2022




Helps to enhance the sense of clothing decoration


Traditional embroidery used to have a single decorative position on clothing, and the design concept was lagging. Therefore, when designing modern clothing, it is necessary to change traditional design ideas.


By transforming and innovating traditional embroidery techniques, they can be better applied to modern garments. Strengthening the decoration can not only satisfy the public aesthetics, but also improve the ornamental quality of clothing.


Conducive to strengthening the sense of clothing decoration


Traditional clothing is usually embroidered on the wrist, skirt and neckline, and the cut and structure are mostly flat. Therefore, the application of traditional embroidery in clothing design can improve the decorative effect and three-dimensional effect.


With the development and progress of the times, modern clothing should also consider how to improve the sense of decoration on the side of the clothing. The fixed position of embroidery in traditional clothing design should be changed in a unique way of traditional embroidery to better meet people's diverse aesthetic needs. This also makes the clothing more stylish and dynamic.


Helps to make up for design deficiencies


When designers design traditional clothing, they usually pay attention to the integrity of clothing design. Generally, I like to use some clothing patterns with complete images, and will not integrate and cut the images to show and modify the body curves.


However, the modern clothing design concept pays more attention to the fit of the human body curve, which improves the visual effect of the work. Therefore, the designer will cut the pattern to make up for the overall lack of traditional clothing design.




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