Traditional Arab Men's Clothing

June 09,2022

Traditional Arab men's robes are usually loose and ankle long. Most of the robes are white, but there are other light colors, but no dark colors. Local distinguished men, or when participating in formal activities, should wear a long shawl of white headscarf with a hoop on their head. Arab men wear only slippers and no socks when wearing traditional robes, which may have a lot to do with the hot climate. Even in some very formal occasions, under the gorgeous robe, the feet only wear leather slippers.


Arab men's clothing


Although the styles are similar, the white robes worn by Arab men are not all the same. In fact, most countries have their own specific styles and sizes. Taking the "gandura" men's robes as an example, there are more than a dozen styles in total, such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kuwait, Qatar, and Morocco and Afghanistan suits derived from them.


In winter, Arab men also wear heavier clothes made of fabric. When the weather is particularly cold, they will also wear a small white Crocheted brimless hat called "gafuya" or "taggia", and then cover it with a long white cotton cloth called "gutra", sometimes red and white wool fabric.


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