Why Do Africans Like to Wear Robes

May 25,2022

African costumes have always been quite distinctive. Most of these costume designs are colorful, with contrasting patterns and colors, and generally have a strong sense of design and symmetrical habits. Most of the clothing styles are long and wide, relatively wide, and the collar part is mainly collarless or short collar.


cotton thobe


Do you know why Africans like to wear robes?


Africans or Middle Eastern people wear robes in addition to religious reasons, it is possible that because of protection, to avoid sun damage to the body.


Especially in a hot environment, the human body radiation heat dissipation than the environment to the human body's heat radiation is smaller, wear long sleeves can be isolated from external heat radiation. And as biological speaking, wearing long sleeves can isolate ultraviolet rays, reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays on the skin, and reduce the excessive evaporation of water from the human body surface causes damage.


In fact, they wear long robes to cover themselves tightly actually than you wear short-sleeved T-shirt cool much, the local year-round sun, dry climate, so you can also avoid ultraviolet burns on the skin!