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Product Name: Africa Kaftan Boubou Buy Online,Grand Cotton Boubou Men Clothing

                      Size:  54-56-58-60-62
MOQ:               1200pcs                                                                                         Color: 6
Fabric:               polyester                                                                                       Style: up and down


   Best-selling African men's fashion gowns   

 *Soft and full of features such as vertical sense                                                                    
This design is perfect for daily wear, casual Life, home, holiday

 Product Name  African long sleeve embroidered fashion suit  
 MOQ    1200pcs 
 Fabric    polyester      
  Size  54-56-58-60-62
   Color  6
   Style  up and down
 Model No.:  KD-71#
 Payment  T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram


Africa Kaftan Boubou Buy Online,Grand Cotton Boubou Men Clothing


Understanding Africa Kaftan Boubou

Kaftan is a kind of robe coat, which exists in the cultural traditions of many parts of the world. The main function of Kaftan is to use it as a long coat, which extends to the ankles and has long sleeves. They can be made of wool, cashmere, silk or cotton, and can be worn with a belt. This kind of clothes originated from the ancient Mesopotamia.


History of Africa Kaftan Boubou

The costume of the Kaftan gown is more or less unfamiliar to everyone, but if you want to trace back where it came from, you must talk about its long history. In fact, it comes from the Mesopotamia. A kind of long cheongsam. At that time, Kaftan was only used as an outer garment. Later, due to its own influence, this kind of clothing has existed almost everywhere in the world. Both sleeves and middle sleeves were extremely popular at the time.


I heard that it was around the 16th century when a very famous teenager was wearing a kaftan, with a very unique design, a pattern woven with gold threads, and a very fine tulip in the center of the pattern. Such a unique garment has attracted the attention of many people, and everyone has made similar styles. At the same time, coupled with the spread of their own culture, it has gradually transformed into a robe or other styles.


For Kaftan, it is generally an extremely light and relaxed clothing. In the past, it also represented a certain degree of meaning in some areas, and it is said to have a symbolic meaning of marriage. Slowly with the development and progress of the times, it is gradually recognized as clothing worn by women.


At that time, as women began to wear them more and more, the characteristics of various styles of patterns were different. With their own rich imagination, people made all kinds of clothes, using various unique colors, which are almost rarely used today. The retro colors of, including different types of patterns, representing different styles, different styles, as well as ribbon design models and button models, all have their own unique personality, which is completely different from today's clothing.


Africa Kaftan Boubou Buy Online

The fashionable Grand Cotton Boubou began to appear in major shows, whether it is the delicate feeling brought by pure colors or the personality brought by printing, it has an elegant style, but also has a lot of wildness in it. I have to say that these designs give people a sense of vision, they are simply superb costume designs. Regardless of the style of men or women, you can find their fashion. You can find them online, and you can buy them. If you have online shopping needs, please contact us for more detailed information.


We recommend cotton boubou, it is soft, has a good texture, and is very comfortable to wear.


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Africa Kaftan Boubou Buy Online,Grand Cotton Boubou Men Clothing

Africa Kaftan Boubou Buy Online,Grand Cotton Boubou Men Clothing




About Us


You can find the most fashionable styles and the most professional designers here, QURAISH specialize in the production of African fashion robes for 16 years; "QURAISH" comes from the name of the clan to which Muhammad belonged and symbolizes nobility and glory.

Based on this, In 2004, Design director Asiya Ma Juan named the product brand "QURAISH" and founded Guangzhou QURAISH Clothing Co., LTD.


Any interests, welcome to contact us.


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  1. The most fashionable design
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  5. Since the 12 pieces
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Q1:What's your main market?

A:Our main market is Africa.


Q2: How can I get a sample from you to check the quality?

A: Just kindly inform us your design details, and we will offer sample as your specification, or you can send us samples and we make a counter sample for you.


Q3:What's your business type?

A:Our business type is Wholesale Distribution.


Q4: What about your delivery time? Can we receive our goods on time?

A: Usually 10-30 days after order is confirmed. Exact delivery time depends on order quality quantity. During the whole process,we'll inform you which procedure the order are, happy guest is our pursuit.


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Q6:How do we choose size?

A:If you are not sure size, please contact our seller for size table. After product arrived, we don't accept any complaint regarding size.


Q7: May I order small quantity?

We can alsp accept small orders, welcome to contact us for details.

QURAISH Africa Kaftan Boubou Buy Online,Grand Cotton Boubou Men Clothing.production of African fashion robes for 15 years.Here are the most fashionable styles and the most professional africa clothing.feel free to contact us.
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