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Product Name:  long sleeve fashion suit                                                             Size:  54-56-58-60-62
MOQ:               1200pcs                                                                                          Color: 1
Fabric:               polyester                                                                                       Style: 
Single piece


   Best-selling African men's fashion gowns   

 *Soft and full of features such as vertical sense                                                                    
This design is perfect for daily wear, casual Life, home, holiday

 Product Name long sleeve fashion suit     
 MOQ    1200pcs 
 Fabric    polyester      
  Size  54-56-58-60-62
   Color  1
   Style  Single piece
 Model No  SA-1215#
 Payment  T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram


Buying guide for Arabia chirld wear


With the popularization of the Internet, the ways and channels for people to buy clothing have become more diversified. In Arabia, many children's clothes are dazzling, making it very difficult for people to choose.


Arabia chirld wear price


From an intuitive point of view, the craftsmanship of children's clothing seems to be no different than that of adult clothing, and the fabrics of children's clothing are more "saving" than adult clothing. So why do children's clothing always seem to be more expensive than adult clothing? In terms of fabrics, such as common color fastness, formaldehyde, and PH content, these have strict requirements. This also directly leads to the selection of the best quality fabrics for children's clothing. Although children's clothing is "small", there is no reduction in the production process. This will undoubtedly increase the cost of children's clothing. Most people choose children's clothing from brand stores when they buy clothes for their children. Comparing it with some non-branded adult clothing, it is not surprising to conclude that children's clothing is much more expensive than adult clothing.


First of all, when choosing children's clothing products, the fabric of the clothes is the most critical. Generally speaking, clothing for infants and young children should be comfortable, soft and breathable, and ensure that there is no irritation to the skin. In terms of materials, natural materials are better, such as cotton, which is soft in texture. As materials such as man-made fibers are chemically synthesized products, there may be chemical residues, which are not recommended here.

Since childre's skin is relatively delicate, parents should choose white or light-colored clothing, because bright clothing usually adds a lot of dyes, because bright clothing is prone to fading problems, and sticky clothes may be used in the dyeing process of the fabric. The mixture brings great hidden dangers to children's health.

When buying clothes, pay attention to identifying the product labels and instructions on the clothes, stating that the labels should include information such as the manufacturer, trademark, model, product implementation standard, and product material composition.


Finally, since there may be some residues in the processing of children's clothing, it is necessary to fully wash them before putting them on the children.


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bulk wholesale Arabia chirld wear supplier manufacturer factory
bulk wholesale Arabia chirld wear supplier manufacturer factory









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