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Product Name:  long sleeve fashion suit                                     Size:  54-56-58-60-62
MOQ:               1200pcs                                                                                         Color: 6
Fabric:               polyester                                                                                       Style: 
Single piece


   Best-selling African men's fashion gowns   

 *Soft and full of features such as vertical sense                                                                    
This design is perfect for daily wear, casual Life, home, holiday

 Product Name  long sleeve fashion suit  
 MOQ    1200pcs 
 Fabric    polyester      
  Size  54-56-58-60-62
   Color  6
   Style  Single piece
 Model No.:  SA-1215#
 Payment  T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram


Popular Kaftan



The traditional Kaftan from North Africa originated in the ancient Mesopotamia. This long ankle-length coat can be made of materials such as wool, cashmere, silk or cotton. Kraftan has many different styles of robes, and Kraftan is a light and loose clothing. It is a symbol of the region. In short, gorgeous is his nature, although not all robes are in the same step, but at least many times, you will feel very happy when you see Kaftan.


Traditional kaftan

Whether Men's Kaftan or a girl, the traditional Kaftan gown is usually worn as a jacket. It has long sleeves or half sleeves. It grows to the ankles. It is made of wool, cashmere, silk or cotton. It has smooth lines and can be worn with straps. . After entering the world fashion stage, Kaftan has been improved and upgraded by many designers, turning it into a unique national style, but also suitable for various occasions.



Peoples from all over the world and different cultures have worn kaftan gowns for thousands of years, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. In response to the hot weather and sunshine, this single product is very popular. The Crusades brought local clothing back to Europe, and the Kaftan gown became popular among the nobles. Centuries later, the Kaftan gown conquered the world and became the basic item in many women's daily wardrobes. Now more and more Men’s kaftan are being liked and purchased by boys.


Suitable for hot areas

The hot and dry weather in the Middle East has gradually spread this kind of "lightweight, cool and sun-proof and sand-proof" practical gowns, becoming the first choice for people from the Far East to the Middle East. In the process of dissemination, because of the differences in national culture and customs, Kaftan also evolved different styles and forms, and even became a status symbol in some cultures.

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bulk wholesale Men's Kaftan supplier manufacturer factory
bulk wholesale Men's Kaftan supplier manufacturer factory









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