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Product Name:  Saudi Arabia Dress White Thobes,Islamic Palestinian Men Thobe Dress Custom Wholesale

                        Size:  54-56-58-60-62
MOQ:               1200pcs                                                                                              Color: 6
Fabric:               polyester                                                                                           Style: up and down


   Best-selling African men's fashion gowns   

 *Soft and full of features such as vertical sense                                                                    
This design is perfect for daily wear, casual Life, home, holiday

 Product Name short sleeve embroidered fashion suit  
 MOQ    1200pcs 
 Fabric    polyester      
  Size  54-56-58-60-62
   Color  6
   Style  up and down
 Model No.: SA-1985#
 Payment  T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram


Difference between Saudi Arabia Dress White Thobes and black thobes


Arabian robe (disash) is the traditional clothing of Arab men. Since ancient times, men in Arab countries, including children, from heads of state to civilians, have been accustomed to wearing long robes throughout the year. Wear a white hat or a turban when wearing a large robe. The Arab robe comes in two colors, one is white and the other is black. What’s the difference between Saudi Arabia Dress White Thobes and black thobes?


Difference between Saudi Arabia Dress White Thobes and black thobes


Men wear white robes and women wear black robes. In the UAE, the robe is the Arab national costume. There is no distinction between robes and inferior ranks. They are worn by ordinary people, and high-ranking government officials also wear them when attending banquets.


Black thobe

As for women’s black robes, it is generally based on some regulations that have a tendency to "abstinence" in Islamic teachings. Women should minimize the exposure of skin and hair, and clothing should minimize the outline of women’s body lines, that is, looseness is the best. Among the many colors, black has the best covering effect and complements the white robe of men. The black and white match is an eternal classic and gradually became customary, but in reality, some Arab countries, such as Somalia, where women wear It is not mainly black, but colorful. Men’s white robes are only the default and standard colors. There are many daily choices, such as beige, light blue, brown-red, brown, etc., and can even derive stripes, squares, etc., and men can also Wearing black robes, Shia Arabs wear black robes on certain occasions, and some tall and burly Arab adults wearing black robes are really domineering.


White thobe

The traditional clothing of Arab men is the Arab robe. The colors of Arab robes are generally divided into two types, black and white, white robes are often worn during festive occasions, and black robes are worn for funerals. Arabian robe generally has no collar, flying sleeves and wide waist, long hanging down to the ground, cool and comfortable to wear on the body, easy to carry. On Muslim Jubilee Days, wedding ceremonies or official social occasions, Arab men must wear this kind of robe, even for respected heads of state. The Arabs believe that wearing Arab robes will give people a sense of elegance and grace, especially in formal occasions, which is more elegant and generous. This is a symbol of the dignity of the Arab nation.


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Saudi Arabia Dress White Thobes,Islamic Palestinian Men Thobe Dress Custom Wholesale

Saudi Arabia Dress White Thobes,Islamic Palestinian Men Thobe Dress Custom Wholesale




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A:Our main market is Africa.


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